Xinhe Straw weaving ------ transform "Fingertip technology" becomes "fingertip economy"

2023/12/16 11:15:55

Straw woven products have a long history in our country. The world straw woven products look at China, China straw woven products look at Shandong, and Shandong straw woven products look at Xinhe.Ordinary wheat straw, corn leaves and water grass are cut, combed, picked, picked up and cut in the hands of craftsmen. The grass becomes a satchel, a straw hat, a basket and so on.These straw woven products full of design ingenuity, with the fragrance of the field, give it a different fashion color. This is the Qingdao Pingdu Xinhe straw woven products which are selected into the representative list of Shandong province's intangible cultural heritage. The straw stalks and corn husks with rough texture in natural fibers are the best materials for weaving craft bags. They are woven into fashionable bags with the fragrance of natural plants, and have a natural taste of freedom with the sun, the beach and the sea.