Traditional intangible heritage into a fashionable straw bag

2024/04/10 16:31:48

Traditional techniques give straw bags a unique sense of beauty, natural texture, in the visual directly cooling 10 degrees straw bags itself with a sense of vacation, full of a kind of original natural beauty, carrying a straw bag to go out, has become one of the souls of creating pastoral style. Straw weaving, is the use of a variety of flexible herbs for raw materials processing and preparation of handicrafts, its raw materials grow widely, and easy to make, so straw weaving process is very popular in Chinese folk craft package both light and practical, with a certain capacity, to meet your daily use of a variety of scenarios: daily commute, leisure vacation.

Such a rich variety of samples comes from the fact that we have our own sample development team and our own factory, which have the ability to develop samples well.

Therefore, we can provide you with a reliable proofing service to develop and modify samples according to your needs.

Sample production time: 7-14 days, depending on the complexity of the sample,

Order MOQ: 300-500PCS for each style and color

The specific delivery time is generally 45-60 days after receiving the deposit, depending on the quantity.


Trade mode: T/T

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